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Trace Gallery is a multimedia art space located at the intersection of post-industrial and urban paradigms in Denver. Trace is curated by Saige of Pathways Art, a long-running group show that showcases a variety of artists who share a passion for finding new ways of understanding and expressing our collective vision. Trace continues this tradition, with more focus on individual artists. In addition to monthly gallery openings, Trace hosts workshops, classes, music, and community events.

Trace Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm or by appointment.
We are located at 3700 Franklin St, Denver, CO 80205.

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Saturday March 9th – Friday April 5th, 2013
Trace Gallery is pleased to present
Permanence|Decay – a group photography show.

Spiral staircases leading into nowhere. Slabs of granite piercing the sky. Weathered bones on a sand beach. Mausoleums. Trees growing in abandoned buildings. Mushrooms in the rainforest. Bristlecone pines on wind-blown mountain tops. Cracks on the pavement.

We are transient in this world, but our grandest creations are a testament to our unfulfilled longing for permanence. Nature seems to have achieved what we strive for, yet it feasts on decay.

On display will be medium and large-scale works of photography that illustrate the concepts of permanence and decay in architecture and in the natural world.

Barbara Pettibone
Ben Wilson
Chrystos Minot
Debra Lee Fanatia
Douglass Guernsey
Drew Michael
Gary Reed
Ian Welling
Jason Walp
Jillian Kennethdon
Kate Shifman
Kaylee Littleton
Kevin Hoth
Leah Netsky
Lisa Hope
Luke Schutte
Michael Hans
Michael Manalo
Michael Pointer
Michele Cohn
Mike Grab
Mike Whitely
Paul Wedlake
Siobhan Keleher
Taylor Balkissoon
Tess Hamilton
Joseph Vinson
Tanya Smith

Opening Reception March 9th 2013, 6pm-11pm
Music by TBA

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